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Startups and tech: has the Sharing Economy failed?

It’s been a while in the tech startups scene since we started talking about the Sharing Economy. I remember a couple of years ago when I began working at Rentecarlo, everyone was talking about the Sharing Economy and sharing…

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Are Growth Hacking strategies just about paid campaigns?

Are Growth Hacking strategies just about paid campaigns? Startups are harder to build. Channels are saturated. Competition is super high. Growth hacking strategies are just paid media nowadays. Isn’t the truth? After 7 years from when Sean Ellis used the…

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Growth Hacking

Big news: my first Growth Hacking book is out!

Startup Marketing: my first Growth Hacking book! It’s been a while I’ve been out of town, but this time there’s a good reason. I’ve written my first growth hacking book: Startup Marketing. Published by one of the biggest publishers…

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How women can break barriers when working in tech

Today is International Women’s Day and while I’m heading to a conference in Italy to share my experience being a woman in tech, I want to share my thoughts with you. ‘Cause we shouldn’t talk about barriers women in…

Women in Startups

London Startup Talks #3: Women in the Blockchain

Hey! Here another chapter about women in startups and their thoughts about tech and women in tech. From the sharing economy startup Social Belly to BOTs, our journey is involving more tech: we’re talking about Women in the Blockchain technology.…

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