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What did I do this year? My 2017 new year’s resolutions

H-Farm -Venice- pic by Alessia Camera

2017: what did I do this year?

Last year’s digital detox article has been tremendously successful, so I decided to keep it like a yearly meeting. But before, what am I worried about this year?
Last year I was experiencing FOMO, this year I see everyone’s digital bias. How is it possible that everyone’s thinking of appearing rather than learning? People are pushing perceptions rather than being recognised for their work or expertise. What’s going on? Are we getting into a world of people pretending to be, when the internet and information can help us learning everything on a fingertip?

I’ll leave it here for the moment and I’ll ask myself another question. What did I do this year? As you know I’m never satisfied and I always think I can do more. I don’t know if it’s because I’m writing it down now, but this year I think I’ve achieved even more than the last one and I’m very proud of it.

I learned to speak up in the right way

When you’re working with big companies you know that speaking up is not always a good idea.
Well, even in some small ones. But this year, thanks to the choice of going back full-time to startups I got the opportunity of working with very passionate people, talking and arguing to make a product every day better. And I learned from their strength, from their passion and their enthusiasm that at one point you need to leave and that’s the best thing you can do to yourself.

Take your time

This year I travelled a lot, I needed it. I needed time to think, to spend by myself. I’ve experienced the first solo trip of my life, where I hear from my silences and from the inner of myself. alessiacamera-stepoutfromyourcomfortzonePeople told me I’ve been brave. But why? Just because I decided to go to Lanzarote alone for one week? I learned to take my time, book my slots and avoid the rest.
In Lanzarote’s been easy.
Not sure I’m good enough when I’m doing it in London! 🙂

Be confident: public speaking hero

I pushed myself in terms of digital marketing workshops and public speaking events accepting the invitation to speak at the Web Marketing Festival in Italy and running digital marketing workshops for artisan and handicraft associations.
It was the first time ever I was speaking in Italians to such a big audience about my experience in growth hacking. And I’m very proud that my talk has been valued as one of the best 6 out of 160 speakers!

Be ready even if you don’t know there’s a train passing: OMG!

meryl-streep-oyeah-2017 new years resolutionsSometimes you need to be ready, even if you don’t know there’s a train passing. It seems to me that, for a lot of projects I’ve been involved, everyone was just waiting for the right circumstances.
There’s a secret project you’ll hear about in 2017 (I can’t tell you more for now but I’ll let you know as soon as I can, promised!!). A few early stage startups: Rawfish is the only one I can mention, the other three are in stealth mode.
I mentored startups at H-Farm and I’m going there also in 2017 to mentor the new batch. And it’s so exciting you can’t believe. Everything I’ve been involved in I didn’t do it on purpose: it just came up as I was ready to jump on it.

Do what you’re passionate about

This year, thanks to this blog, I realised how much I’m passionate about writing. I’ve been asked to write a piece about girls in tech and to write an article about men mentoring women for the Austin startup collection. And you know what? I love the topic and I want to do more to help more women in tech.

I also worked a lot to redesign This is Not Art‘s website and to organise the international touring exhibition Personal Relations which opened in London in December, putting together 150 artists from 3 different countries. It’s been an incredible journey and I’m very happy that 40 artists are coming from Vicenza. I look forward to the private viewing in The Hague and Vicenza…can’t wait for it!

2017 New Years Resolutions

There are 3 things I’ll keep the focus on for 2017:

  1. Learning where my energy is coming from and optimise that channel, in the same way, I’ll do it if it were a traffic or conversion sources 🙂
  2. Make the projects I’m working on amazing: set goals and build plans to exceed them;
  3. Learn as much as I can taking part to discussion and online groups, without being scared of it. If you’re confident in yourself, people will listen to you and it will enrich everyone.

be a better you 2017 new years resolutions

Have a great break, everyone!
See ya in 2017!


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