Adtech Startup

Growth Manager

People.ioย an adtech startup aiming to revolutionise the way you watch online ads, helping users to get spendable credits out of the personal data advertisers are getting out of them.

As Growth Marketing Manager, I lead the marketing team, working on the Beta campaign which targeted London in early 2016.

Goals I achieved:

  • I exceeded acquisition beta users goals (+150%) in the first two months.
  • I worked with the PR agency and freelancers to achieve growth and publicity goals.
  • Building the content strategy on social media and the blog and building the channels from scratch I reach out to +200 influencers to gather consensus and brand awareness.
  • Partnering with 10+ meetups, in order to branding and users development strategy.
    I lead the user interviews, analysing data to understand users feedback.
  • I organised events to acquire beta testers targeting students to build the brand ambassadors program and to gather feedback in exclusive locations(+200 attendees).

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