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What did I do this year? Ready for my 2015 digital detox

We’re interconnected. We’re FOMO sufferers. We feel guilty that we’re constantly plugged in.
Alright, when I think I’m not sharing enough stuff on either Twitter or social media in general, it means I need to step out of the hustle and enter a digital detox rehab retreat.
So, I’m almost ready to leave London and switch off for a bit. 😀

But before leaving, the question is: what did I do this year? Did I work enough? I’m never satisfied and I always think I could have done more. So, this is a great collection of stuff I’ve done and I have to be proud of! Maybe you can be inspired by your new year’s resolutions! 😉

What did I do this year? 2015 in brief

  • Projects need to evolve
    I think we always need to learn & grow, and our projects are just following us. This year we’ve expanded This is Not Art to make the network bigger, involving new people, artists and stories.
    It has meant stepping out from a comfort zone we’ve been living for the last 3 years. But it wouldn’t have made any sense keeping as it was. Now we’re looking for people helping us creating content from all around Europe.


  • I joined a seed-stage startup where things are continually changing
    After two years working at PlayStation, I decided to join Rentecarlo, where things are different, every day.
    Goals are set weekly, new ideas just take 1 day to be implemented and if you really want to learn, you can, even if it’s the hardest way to do it. Meaning you’re making a lot of mistakes.
    And you’re working hard. But I’m having a lot of fun.
  • excited-techies-secret-sauce-conference
  • Be open-minded and don’t be scared of sharing your ideas with people
    You need to be a bit lucky and be open to new ideas, tools and experiences. You need also to know you can’t know everything.
    I’ve worked with a bunch of incredible people to create Secret Sauce conference and I’ve learned a lot from the team, from the speakers and myself too.  It’s been an unforgettable experience working with the awesome Vincent, Silvia, Jordan, Gioia, Eva and I hope it won’t be the only one.
  • Collaboration is key, everywhere, every time and interviews are a very important step in establishing one. This year I’ve been interviewed by: 
    Italian Kingdom, an online magazine telling stories of Italians living abroad
    Unco Mag, an online magazine telling stories of people achieving their dreams
    MarketingArena, a very cool digital marketing agency in Italy

Now I’m ready for my digital detox. See you soon! <3

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