3 London Tech Startups I love – June 2015

London Tech Startups: why am I so in love?

Hello and happy Friday everyone!
Today I’m happy to start my first article about startups! So, why am I so in love with startups?
I fell in love with startups when I didn’t even know what a startup was. I was so fascinated by innovation and really wanted to learn more, that I attended an MBA in Innovation Management when I was in Italy.
Having lectures about innovation strategy, startup and business planning I thought that was what I was passionate. We also went to Helsinki and innovation clusters to meet founders and ventures companies.
It was a really inspiring and amazing adventure. And that’s where (and when) my passion began.
But then I thought I really wanted to roll my sleeves up and working with a tech startup.
And I moved to London.

3 Startups I love – June 2015 edition

So, here I am. I know, it’s Friday evening..but before celebrating summer, I’d like to share with you all the projects I fell in love in June. Since it’s already July..(time flies!!) I can’t postpone it anymore!

clotho london tech startups sustainability fashionSo, as my background with a startup in sustainability, I had to fall in love with Clotho: two young girls met at University and decided to create a startup to help people not throwing away their unwanted items! And it’s a pretty cool concept , since they’re collecting your clothes and giving you a voucher to use in their online store. Why don’t you sign up? I’m sure you’ll love it..and you’ll contribute to producing less waste preserving our amazing Earth.


peak-games-brain-training-startupI also fell in love with Peak, well actually, we had our first date a bit before June, but who cares? So, Peak is an app offering a range of great games to train your brain, tracking your progress and performance. For example, you can play Spin Cycle, which will improve your working memory and task shifting or Logic to help you make better decisions under stress and your planning skills. If you use the free plan, you have just 4 games per day you can play to improve yourself. But, all of them are great! You can also check the in-game statistics and see in which you’re scoring better and where you need to work more. Well, I’m really addicted to it. 😉
What are you saying? Which are my favourite games? Well, I love Perilous Path, ’cause my short term memory is improving a lot! But also Low Pop, Baggage Claim, Sqaure Numbers and Unique!


Last one but not because it’s less important, just because it was the last one I discovered is: BonAppetour, a dining travellers-focused platform to help people discovering local dining experience. Say that you’re travelling around Europe and instead of going to the most touristic restaurant in the most crowded street of the city you have the chance to pay the same amount of money dining with local people in their house. What are you going to choose? Well, I love it. It’s more or less as AirBnb but it mainly works with terrific non-professional chefs aiming to transform their living room into the greatest restaurant ever. I’m Italian, so, yeah, we can do it and we’re proud of it 😀
Create a profile using my Referral Link here if you like cooking and start using it..I’m sure it will be the next BIG thing out here!







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