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Alessia Camera, Growth Manager & Head of Digital

Hello, I’m Alessia, Digital marketing, Product & Growth leader, working at the intersection of product, marketing and data.
In love with tech and startups, I work as a startup marketing and product consultant.
With a master degree in International Economics and a MBA in Innovation Management, I am a bilingual English/Italian and I can have a business conversation in three languages (+French).

I have 10+ years experience as Head of Growth and Digital Marketing Manager, including multi-channel strategies and acquisition campaigns on social media, digital adv (SEM, social), email and content.
I specialise in Product Marketing, Data analysis and Growth marketing strategies
leading cross-functional teams at different geographies to achieve business goals. 
I have been involved with a bunch of early-stage startups in London and international, SMEs and agencies to launch new apps or e-commerce platforms, leading go-to-market strategies and digital product post-launches growth projects.
My portfolio is here.
I’ve worked at Sony PlayStation as Digital Marketing Manager, managing the launch of PS4 in Europe and the EMEA digital marketing campaigns for the biggest games of the industry being a voice of brands on social media, working on campaigns with influencers and local agencies, becoming the project lead of a few European projects.
I have followed and managed the launch of PS4 and worked on the Beta launch of one of the world’s first virtual reality headsets, the PlayStation VR.

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Product Marketing and Head of Growth at Startups

I love understanding users behaviours, creating data-driven digital strategies and optimising digital experiences, in order to achieve acquisition, conversion, engagement and retention goals.

Head of Growth and Product Marketing Manager, I have experience building and optimising products users love.
Since 2016, I’m a startup marketing consultant and I love getting involved in multiple projects at once: it’s a good way to scale yourself and learn faster. I prefer working with early-stage projects: where ideas and out-of-the-box approaches are more important than budgets.
I have been managing cross-functional teams dealing with developers, designers and data scientists to set hypothesis, launch new experiments and track results using A/B testing and data analysis. I have been managing marketing teams and budgets to launch marketing strategies, creative multi-channel campaigns to solve challenges thanks to data.

I have been a Growth Hacker in Residence at the Open Data Institute in an 8-months consultancy contract in 2018 as Startup Marketing Manager, working with startups accelerator programmes facilitating tech projects between European corporates and early-stage startups.

Growth Hacking is not a magic word, but the ability to combine copy, data, psychology, design and much more into a digital product. 
That’s why I’m so in love with startups. One day is never the same as the day before.

“Growth came from product innovations, unique acquisition channels that their competition hadn’t considered, and rigorous optimization driven by analytics and a deep understanding of their customers.”
S. Ellis

alessia camera growth manager

I’m a speaker for Growth Marketing, Startups and Tech events

I regularly speak at conferences and events on Digital Trends, Growth Hacking, Startups, Open Innovation and Social Media.
I’m a recognised thought leader, speaker and panellist, and a host for corporate conferences (the last one I hosted has been #Digileaders in London in 2017)

My passion comes to life when I talk about projects I led, tech and the people I work with as a startup mentor.  I define myself as a connector of different tech ecosystems of the future.

The latest events I got invited as a speaker include:
– SMAU London 2019
– TechHub & The Open Data Institute – Speed date investors evening @TechHub 2018
– Keynote Speaker @ Palazzolo Digital Festival, Italy 2018
– Panel Speaker “The Future of Fashion Tech” @ Virgin Startup, London 2018
– Panel Speaker “How to get a career in tech” @ General Assembly, London 2018
– Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker @ Richmond eCommerce Forum, Italy 2018
– Growth Hacking Day, Milan 2018
– SMAU London 2018
– Conference Host at Chief Digital Officers Forum #DigiLeaders 2018 London
2-days corporate event in London focussed on Innovation, Open Innovation and Digital Marketing.
– Digital Marketing Panel Speaker @ Hult Business School, London 2018
– Growth Hacking Keynote Speaker @SMAU 2017, Italy
– Panel Speaker “The Future of the Sharing Economy” @ General Assembly, London 2017

If you want to hire me to be a speaker at your event get in touch.

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I’m a mentor and advisor at early-stage startups

Since 2016 I’ve been working with H-Farm, one of the biggest accelerator programmes in Italy as a startup mentor.
I’m also a mentor at Virgin Startups and the Open Data Institute as I love sharing my experience with first-time founders helping them getting a way around this crazy world.

I’ve been a lecturer at multiple Italian University about Growth Hacking and startups. In particular, I’ve been at:

  • Tag Innovation School powered by Talent Garden at the Master in Growth Hacking in 2017,
  • Bologna Business School in Bologna at Scale up your Startup (2018),
  • IULM Innovation Lab, Growth Hacking lecture and mentoring (2019),
  • Bari University, Growth Hacking lecture and mentoring (2019),
  • IUSVE,  Growth Hacking Keynote (2019).

I’ve also been a mentor for programmes and initiatives to encourage more girls to get a career into tech, from Next Girls and Whats Next Talk, I’ve also been invited to the mentoring programme at the London Business School.
That’s why I consider myself a woman in tech advocate.

alessia camera techhub open data institute

My books “Startup Marketing” and “Viral Marketing”

In 2017 I published my first book “Startup Marketing” with Hoepli, one of the biggest and most prestigious Italian publishers, followed by “Viral Marketing” out in 2019.
Startup Marketing has become Italy’s bestseller book on growth hacking and digital marketing for startups.

In the first year, I’ve been invited to speak in the biggest Italian cities as I’ve been one of the first talking about growth hacking.
From Milano to Brescia, Venice and Bologna, Roma and Naples, my book has been considered one of the most important publications for the startup sector in Italy.
With more than 50 reviews on Amazon and available in all Italian bookshops, it has sold more than 2,500 copies in its first year all around the world (Brasil, Dubai and more).
It’s only in Italian at the moment but I’m working on an English translation.

I write for Wired and for a bunch of other tech magazines.
I do guest blogs and e-books in Italian and English.

I mainly work and live in London.

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