Best No-bullshit Startup Events in London – October 2016

Startup Events London October 2016

Morning, all! Do you know that morning when you get up full of energy, especially cause you haven’t slept well, but your mind’s spinning with ideas and things you want to do? This is exactly what happened today. Well, to be honest, I’m a bit worried, as it’s Monday, but’s fine, I’ll take it as it is.

Today I’m glad to introduce you to this first post of a collection of events where I want to put together the Best Startup Events in London, so startup conferences, workshops and events related to startups, innovation and tech stuff!
Normally I’m just doing secretly, during lunch breaks as you know, they’re going to be full quite soon.
But since now, to celebrate my summer as a freelancer, I’ll be sharing the list with you as  “happiness is real when shared”.  I met so many amazing people this summer that I really need to celebrate my coming back to London.
Well, as I want to build a new list every month, I’ll do a lot of research to look for the best non-bullshit startup events, but if you know them and you think they should be included, just reach out.
No more excuses of not knowing what to you’ll know!

Hope you like my curated list of no bullshit Startup events London October 2016

Tue 27th September: Storytelling with data  at Google Campus [free]
To learn what makes engaging insight and how to get from data overload to insight.
I think this could super interesting, as it’s matching a very important topic startups normally are not very much considering. 

Tue 27th September: Let’s solve your startup marketing problems…50 Key Growth Hacks To Scale Your Business at We Work Moorgate [free]
Vincent Dignan is sharing his best tricks to scale your business to success.
If you’re never been to one of his talks, you MUST go. And not only ’cause I co-founded Secret Sauce! 😀

Thurs 6th October: Capital Accelerate and Scale Tech Superstars Launch Event at Huckletree Shoreditch [free]
The launch will be an excuse to run the infamous tech conferences with Huckletree providing two stages and a mentor space to run over 20 talks and panels by experts from Capital Enterprise membership, some leading London start-ups and from the leading companies including Google who will be flying their leading experts on Micro-Services and Tensorflow

Tues 11th October: Our bizarre future of Bitcoins, Blockchains and Smart Contracts at SAF Building, Imperial College London [Non-member £12,Staff £5, Student £3]
Talk by Professor William Knottenbelt, (Director of Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering) which explores the potential for Bitcoins, Blockchains and Smart Contracts to revolutionise the way we live, work and do business.
Don’t know if it will be too theoretical as it’s organised by a University, but I think still very interesting to learn more about bitcoins and blockchains. 

Tues 4th October: Public Speaking for Startups: how to deliver presentations that inspire action at Hackney Community College [£19-29]
Learn how to deliver memorable presentations that inspire action in this workshop led by Anis Qizilbash, founder of Mindful Sales Training.
Pitching is VERY important you need to learn as much as you can about it!

Tues 4th October: Growing An Engaged Community Around Your Startup at Camden Collective  [£11]
2-hour interactive workshop to learn how to build a community from scratch by Culture Agency Collective.
Again startups are normally just focused on growth hacking and acquisitions but they don’t know anything about creating relationships with their customers. And you know retention is key, don’t ya?

Tues 11th October: Startup Sales Bootcamp:7 steps to sell without being salesy at Google Campus [free]
Learn how to approach customers and get them to buy from you without being that typically pushy sales person by Anis Qizilbash, founder of Mindful Sales Training
I’m always very keen to learn more about sales, as it’s very much connected to Marketing but it’s not the same things even if you won’t agree with me. And selling your project is also very important!

Fri 21st October: Start-ups for Africa: tech for development showcase at Google Campus [free]
This is a chance to get to know other people in London who are looking to use their entrepreneurial skills for the good of Africa
I’m very interested in tech for good and I’m wondering whether this event could be helpful understanding how technology can help improving people’s life around the world. I will tell you about it!

Thu 27th October: #TechLawHub Meet Up at Google Campus [free]
Receive practical advice about legal, accounting and marketing issues, with one-to-one Q&A sessions after the presentations.
I think everyone doesn’t know enough about accounting or legal issues and, if you don’t have a CFO you should definitely attend this workshop!

best-startups-events no bullshit events for startup

So..see you around?
Let me know if you’re coming to one of those events, let’s meet!


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