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London two and a half years later. I’m living the tech life I’ve always wondered

London two and a half years later. My tech life. How much did I learn?

Yeah, it’s been two and a half years I’ve been living in London. Incredible. Time flies so much here.
So, why not celebrating with a brand new blog? Yep, another one. Why not? Some people likes buying shoes, I prefer buying domains.

Well, first promise: I won’t write anything related to food, best things to do, to see or eat in London. ‘Cause there are already a lot of amazing travel bloggers talking about it.

Second promise: I won’t write anything related to art ’cause I have already a place where I talk about it which is This is Not Art .

My experience in London is mainly related to online marketing, innovation, startups, geek people, disruptive projects, networking events. In London I’m living a tech life I wouldn’t exchange for anything else.
That’s why I moved: learning. And that’s why I’m still in love with this city: opportunities. I can’t get bored.

I’m living the tech life in London I’ve always looked for, without even knowing I was looking for it.

So, as my memory is limited sometimes and I’m doing so much, I want to keep track of it (I’m eating a lot of fish but it’s not enough! :D)
I’ll use this blog to keep memories of everything I’m doing, startups I’m involved, tools & app I’m using and books I’m reading..so, follow me, if you can! 😀

London two and a half years later


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