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Big news: my first Growth Hacking book is out!

Startup Marketing: my first Growth Hacking book!

startup marketing cover growth hacking booksIt’s been a while I’ve been out of town, but this time there’s a good reason. I’ve written my first growth hacking book: Startup Marketing.
Published by one of the biggest publishers in Italy, Hoepli, Startup Marketing is a complete guide to help entrepreneurs and founders to learn how to structure their projects from a marketing point of view.
Growth Hacking is all about startups, but I think there’s a lot SMEs can apply to their operations and strategies.
I’ve written this book to share my experience working with startups and give an analytical point of view about it.

Isn’t Growth Hacking just about startups and hacks?

Well, if you see the bigger picture, you’ll understand this is just one part of the story.
Everyone is focused on getting traffic and acquisitions but the reality is different. If you hear what the most prominent growth team are used to say, you’ll understand that growth is much more than hacks.
It’s about creating a repeatable process which is about understanding users and the best strategies to grow. Combining them with the product. Implementing new functionalities which are not only focused on acquisitions but retention.
We’re not talking about secrets but about finding your Growth Engine, a process focused on achieving goals through numbers. This is what Growth Hacking is. And that’s what I talk about in my book.
How do you find your Engine? How to build your process? Only by implementing a series of experiments in a process you’ll understand how to combine all the elements together to unlock growth.
You’ll need to understand your users’ behaviours and running experiments to optimise their journey.

My Growth Hacking book is different for 3 reasons

It’s a book where I share a lot of the things I’ve learned in my experience with startups.
It’s similar to Traction, in the sense that also Gabriel Weinberg has written a lot about his findings and thoughts. Startup Marketing isn’t just about marketing definitions and famous case studies.
Facebook saturation channel growth hacking bookIt’s about reality founders are facing, giving them a practical way to reply to their initial questions and helping build successful products.
You can’t just have an idea and set up Facebook campaigns to get traction. It’s not that easy as you think.
Growth Hacking is about building products and finding an alternative way to get users attention in a time when everything is saturated and competition is at its highest peak. Andrew Chen wrote about this difficult time as well.


What should you do if you’ve an awesome idea and you think of building a startup?

  1. Focus on users needs and build an awesome product. 
    We’re tired of getting solutions that aren’t the best ones. Have you a great idea? Build an awesome product, following users needs and engage with your beta users since the beginning. This is the best hack you can create. There aren’t many books about product marketing. My book is the only one merging both a product and a marketing approach.
  2. The best Growth hacks are built into the product. Traction is good but our 8 seconds attention span and competition increasing everywhere online is not helping to get traction. If you focus on an awesome product and build functionalities delighting users, word of mouth will generate by itself. Leverage it using the best channels and strategy, experimenting with a bit of creativity and an approach based on goals and numbers.
  3. The best growth teams aren’t focused on hacks, but numbers and metrics. Find the metric that really matters for your business and focus on that one to build your KPI dashboard. Because growth isn’t based on perceptions, just numbers will let you understand if you’re on the right way. If you want to conquer the world do it but step by step. This is the only way to understand if you’re on the right path.
    In my book, you won’t find the right budget to spend to get traction. But you’ll understand how to build your KPI dashboard and how focusing on metrics rather than perceptions.

Startup Marketing, the first growth hacking book written by a woman

alessia camera ash maurya startup marketing growth hacking booksI haven’t worked on the book just by myself. I’ve asked for help to a bunch of great people, which more experience than me about building products.
I’ve collected a lot of thoughts from founders all around the world but in particular, I’ve asked for help to David Murray-Hundley, a business angel in the UK and in the USA and to Fabrizio Capobianco, serial entrepreneur in the USA.
I’ve collected feedback from other growth managers I’ve worked with, consultants such as Ash Maurya and I’m super happy that Benedetta from Oval Money and ex-Uber, another amazing woman in tech,  wrote the foreword.
You know about my passion for sharing stories of women in tech and this book is a lot about women, as it’s the first growth hacking book written by a woman. And in a world, the tech one, where just 5% of startups are owned by women, but women-led companies perform 3 times better than those with male CEOs, Startup Marketing can be a great tool to empower everyone.

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