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Startup bubble? David Murray “The grumpy entrepreneur”

Are we in a startup bubble? Living in London, working with an early-stage startup, learning every day about new projects and ideas, hearing about startups acquired by big companies (which now seem “preferring” to acquire startups instead of developing their new…

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What did I do this year? Ready for my 2015 digital detox

We’re interconnected. We’re FOMO sufferers. We feel guilty that we’re constantly plugged in. Alright, when I think I’m not sharing enough stuff on either Twitter or social media in general, it means I need to step out of the hustle and enter…

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Why a mobile responsive website is not enough

Last time I’ve been to Italy, I took the chance to meet some colleagues and share our experience of working in web marketing and startups. It was great seeing that things are really improving in my home country, even…

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Social Media Marketing Speaker in London

How I did being a Social Media Marketing Speaker in London In the last few weeks, I’ve been a speaker for a few social media talks about Social Media Marketing, strategy, tools, personal reputation. I’ve been invited by Outreach Digital  and…

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