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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking

Online tools for startups: Charlie, I love you!

Do you know Charlie? Hello everyone! Nope, I won’t talk about my boyfriend. Remember? Here I promised I wouldn’t write about cheesy stuff. Charlie is my new super-amazing virtual personal assistant. If you work with startups, you know that time and organisation…

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Digital strategy

The UK is now a “smartphone society”

UK smartphones are winning over desktops: the UK smartphone society I know it’s Saturday, but today I’d like to share with you a really interesting fact.  I had the chance of looking at the Ofcom’s 2015 Communications Market Report and it…

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Growth Hacking

What you shouldn’t ask a growth hacker

What’s a growth hacker? What’s a growth hacker? Here in London it’s the moment of growth hackers. It’s the word of 2015. Are you looking to scale your project? You need a growth hacker, at least with 2 years of…

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Mobile Tech

What’s the future of online payments?

Why talking about online payments? Boring. I think it’s what you have thought after reading the title. But, keep reading, I think you’re wrong. In this article, I’ll talk about an e-commerce startup, a Geek GIRLS event and the current payment tools in…

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3 London Tech Startups I love – June 2015

London Tech Startups: why am I so in love? Hello and happy Friday everyone! Today I’m happy to start my first article about startups! So, why am I so in love with startups? I fell in love with startups…

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