Can I help with your digital strategy?
I can work on your digital product go-to-market strategy or your startup launch!
I’m able to optimise your digital product, listening to your users, creating a cross-functional team with your devs and designers.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working with startups, agencies, SMEs, corporates and tech projects to launch new mobile apps and e-commerce across different industries and geographies.
I’m passionate to create awesome digital experiences and optimise digital products combining my skills in data analysis, marketing and tech.

What I do

  1. Marketing analysis & optimisation plans for websites/mobile apps/digital products:
    need more traffic? More conversions? More purchases?
  2. Growth strategies:
    how can you unlock growth? Or grow faster?
  3. Data analysis, combining business goals, KPI dashboards and users analysis:
    need to understand what’s your business health?
  4. Beta Launches and Digital Project Management:
    need to understand if your idea has a market fit? Let’s create a prototype
  5. Beta users interviews and product development plans based on qualitative and quantitative feedback:
    how is your prototype solving your customers’ needs? Where are the frictions? How we can we solve them?
  6. Users funnel analysis and digital product optimisation plans:
    how to improve your product based on your customers’ needs and feedback?
  7. Web analytics and reports (GA, Mixpanel etc..)
    where can your business do better?
  8. digital strategy (planning and execution) on multiple online/offline channels
    you don’t know how to go from A to B using digital channels?
  9. Acquisition plans and go-to-market strategies (planning and execution)
    how to acquire more customers in existing and new markets?
  10. Social media advertising campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
    how can you grow your customer base using paid social media?
  11. PPC campaigns (AdWords) and landing pages, A/B testing analysis
    how can you grow your customer base using Google and landing pages?
  12. Copywriting & content strategy (WordPress, newsletter)
    how can you grow your customer base content?
  13. Content creation (e-books, presentations, decks, tech reports and user surveys)
    how can you attract and educate more users and make sure your brand is known for your target audience?

Digital Marketing Alessia Camera

Get in touch now!

Remember that if you hire me, you need to have a problem to solve or a goal to achieve.
I don’t usually work on branding but I help you to build your brand and your community.
You should be the one telling me what the problem is. I can also tell you which are the problems you might have.
I’m terribly honest. Perhaps, you might not have a problem at all.
I only work with the best teams and projects.

You can also hire me for workshops, panels and events focused on digital marketing, data-driven strategies and startups growth.