• Bantoa fashion startup logo

    Bantoa Online Fashion Startup

    Bantoa is a online fashion startup, aggregating online fashion products and fashion accessories into a marketplace for users looking to find the best outfits and the cheapest outfit combination. My Growth Marketing…

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  • socialbroker startup alessia camera

    Socialbroker- Insurtech Startup

    Socialbroker is a social insurance startup. It’s an insurtech startup. I worked with the founder to structure his idea and help him understand which are the core functionalities of the prototype/MVP.…

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  • sharing economy app rentecarlo

    Rentecarlo, Sharing Economy Startup

    Rentecarlo is a sharing economy platform for peer-to-peer car rentals. Planning, executing, monitoring and optimizing the cross-­channels acquisition plan (PPC, Paid Social, email campaigns and content). I’ve achieved 7,000 new users…

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  • Growth Manager Adtech Startup is a adtech startup aiming to revolutionise the way you watch online ads, helping users to get spendable credits out of the personal data advertisers are using. As Interim Growth Marketing Manager, I…

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  • KU by Nicefall project

    KU Videomapping Technology

    KU videomapping technology is a video tech startup. It aims to build and sell online a new product which combines a software and a hardware, making easy the creation and the projection of…

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  • ticckle-logo-video-platform-London

    Ticckle, Video-debate startup

    Ticckle is a video debate startup based in London. Through the app, users can ask questions and share ideas & opinions with the community. My services included: Digital Marketing Strategy to…

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