Bantoa Online Fashion Startup

Bantoa is an online fashion discovery startup. By aggregating online fashion products and fashion accessories into outfits, the platform’s goal is to make easier for users finding the best products and the cheapest combinations according to their style and their preferences.

My Growth Marketing services include:

  • Users quantitative and qualitative analysis: identifying drop-offs, user personas and mapping users journeys to set optimisation goals
  • Users qualitative analysis: gathering users feedback building online surveys and one-to-one meetings
  • Data and Key business metrics analysis: analysing the core business metrics and the product KPIs, I’ve created a dashboard to map users behaviour and funnels to be able to understand issues and to map the overall business model with a data-driven approach.
  • Value proposition generation and competitors analysis to differentiate the business model
  • Product Marketing Optimisation Strategies: using A/B testing, I advised on improving the product based on users’ behaviour analysis and key business metrics.
  • New onboarding strategy focusing on users preferences and behaviours.
  • Growth Strategies: focusing on the customer insights, I advised on International Growth Strategies and users retention strategies.

Bantoa online fashion startup fashion discovery platform

Bantoa online fashion startup