E-commerce & digital training platform

Iron Manager is a e-commerce and digital training web platform delivering personalised fitness and nutritional programmes. Their main problem was to understand how to grow and acquire more paying users.

My Growth Marketing services include:

  • Users quantitative analysis: identifying the user journey by segmenting the actual community creating business personas to identify opportunities and analyse the overall community sentiment.
  • Users qualitative analysis: creation and online distribution of polls and surveys to gather users’ feedback
  • Data and Key business metrics analysis: analysing the core business metrics and the product KPIs, I’ve created a dashboard to map users behaviour to understand frictions and cross-selling opportunities, combining it with product KPIs and business KPIs.
  • Product Strategy: I helped the team transforming ideas into product vision and product strategy, creating functionalities for cross-selling services working with internal devs and designers.
  • Growth Strategies: focusing on customers’ insights, I made suggestions on strategic marketing campaigns to grow the business and unlock marketing opportunities on digital channels to grow the customer base.