Kidadl a mobile app for families events

Kidadl is a mobile app (iOS & Android) aggregating events for parents and kids in London. Geolocalising and targeting specific events depending on the family’s interests and the kid’s ages, parents are able to discover the best events for their kids and buy tickets in a few taps.

My Growth Marketing services include:

  • Users quantitative and qualitative analysis: identifying onboarding drop-offs and mapping users journeys following the AARRR framework to set optimisation goals.
  • Product Data analysis, business goals and Key business metrics daily analysis: analysing the core business metrics and the product KPIs, I’ve created a dashboard to map users behaviour, collecting data from multiple sources to be able to understand issues and to map the overall business model with a data-driven approach, identifying the most important metrics.
  • Product Marketing Optimisation Strategies: using A/B testing, I worked with devs and designers to improve the onboarding strategy and the product feed based on users’ behaviour analysis, growth strategies and key business metrics.
  • New onboarding strategy launch: project management, focusing on users preferences and behaviours coordinating with devs and designers.
  • New website launch: project management, focusing on users preferences and the overall business strategy
  • Email activation, push notifications and transactional email strategy (design and copy) to improve the onboarding and the usage of the app. Continuously iteration based on data and weekly KPI reports.
  • Growth Strategies: focusing on the customer insights, I advised on adding new product features and product roadmap.
  • Paid media Strategies: working with the paid media agency, I advised on budget optimisation and users personas definition to optimise the acquisition channels.
  • Digital Marketing Strategies: working with the content team, I advised on the content strategy and the social media strategy

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