Oplà-Food Analysis Mobile App

Oplà is an iOS and Android mobile app developed by an Italian agency to help users choosing the best food for them thanks to label analysis and personalised recommendations.

My Growth Marketing services include:

  • Beta launch: testing hypothesis on the product and the target audiences we run 5 weeks of beta launch to gather insights before the actual launch
  • Go-to-market strategy: leading a cross-functional team with designers, marketers and developers I planned a go-to-market strategy owning the budget and the acquisition multi-channel strategy
  • Users quantitative and qualitative customer journey analysis: identifying drop-offs, user personas and mapping users journeys to the continuously optimise the product and UX
  • Users qualitative analysis: gathering users feedback building and delivering online surveys to make sure we were building the core functionalities
  • Digital Acquisition Multichannel strategy: I created, monitored and continuously optimised the digital acquisition strategy (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads) owning the budget and coordinating with marketing specialists copywriters and designers to achieve acquisitions goals and CPA.
  • Product Marketing Optimisation Strategies: using A/B testing, I advised on improving the product based on users’ behaviour analysis and key business metrics.