– Adtech Startup is an adtech startup aiming to revolutionise the way people watch online ads. Through an app, the idea was to help users to get spendable credits out of the personal data advertisers/brands were using for markets/product research.

As Interim Growth Marketing Manager, I led the marketing team, working on the Beta go-to-market strategy to achieve marketing goals in early 2016.

My services include:

  • Planning and executing the Beta launch in London, exceeding acquisition goals (+100%) in the first two months.
  • Planning and execution of paid campaigns on social channels (Twitter, Instagram) and Google AdWords, continuously iterating on channels, copy and specific design thanks to A/B testing, data and funnel analysis.
  • Managing the PR agency and freelancers to achieve growth using tracked links and achieving publicity goals (OOO and influencers campaigns)
  • Building the content strategy on social media and the blog, leading the team of content creators
  • Building the channels from scratch, reaching out to 200+ influencers to gather consensus and brand awareness.
  • Partnering with 10+ meetups, in order to gather users feedback and develop a users research strategy.
  • Leading users quantitative and qualitative analysis. Combining users interviews and their online data, we’ve optimised the overall user journey on the app coordinating with designers and devs.
  • Organising events to acquire beta testers targeting students to build the brand ambassadors program and to gather feedback from specific target audiences (200+ attendees).
  • Defining users personas and creating strategies to optimise the spending according to their behaviour.