Questa Non È Arte – This is Not Art

QNEA Questa Non E Arte This is Not Art Alessia Camera Digital Strategist

Questa Non È Arte – This is Not Art is an online community for emerging artists between London and Italy organising art festivals in non-conventional locations.

With a digital magazine and a series of events, This is Not Art is the place for emerging artists to get in touch with other artists and to achieve brand awareness, engagement and sales.
No. 5 art festivals have been organised in Vicenza (Italy) gathering more than 200 people
The first art festival in London has been organised in Deptford at the Brookmill Pub in November 2017.

In 2016-17 Questa Non È Arte – This is Not Art has also been a partner of Personal Relations, an international touring exhibition dedicated to portrait miniatures, exhibiting 150 artworks in London, The Hague and Vicenza during 2016/2017.

My services included:

  • Digital PR
  • Content Strategy
  • Leading a team of 10 international contributors
  • Art Festival Project Manager
  • Social Media Marketing


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