Regional + EU Startup project

I’ve been a growth hacking, digital marketing and startup consultant for the Impact investing local program called “INN VENETO” organised by Veneto Region in collaboration with the European Commission and Umana Forma.

My services include:

  • Creation of a framework of KPIs for local companies and startups to evaluate impact investment projects and social innovation applied to Veneto Region.
  • Coordination with the different lecturers to provide practical innovation framework using case-studies and canvas for the provided courses and trainees to help to deliver them to acquire a practical approach involving 150 people in two cohorts.
  • Creation and structured of a Growth hacking Masterclass based on combining theory principles, methodologies, practical frameworks and internal teams for 25 participants to develop cross-functional teams.
  • Mentor for business ideas and hackathons.
  • Innovation workshops based on design thinking methodology for a few companies involved, helping to analyse and assess their internal processes.